The objective of the Update on Clinical Topics in Antiretroviral Therapy workshop is to update and review the latest practices in the field of antiretroviral treatment from a theoretical, practical and interactive perspective and it is aimed at an audience of HIV and infectious diseases healthcare professionals and researchers.

Thursday 30th  May 2019
13.45-14:45 Registration and lunch Organizing committee
14:45- 15.00 Welcome J. M. Llibre
Block 1. New strategies in ARV treatment Chair: Franco Maggiolo
15.00 – 15.30 Long acting ARV formulations knocking on the door Courtney V. Fletcher
15.30-16.15 2 DR, is anything else beyond virologic suppression? (Debate) Chloe Orkin

Laura Waters

16.15-16.45 Top DDI in clinical practice. Still relevant? Catia Marzolini
16.45- 17.15 Coffee break
17.15-17.35 New drugs for unmet needs. A clinician view Jürgen Rockstroh
17.35 – 18.35 Industry Round table: where are we headed International Medical Department Representatives from ViiV, Gilead, MSD, Janssen and Thera Tech.
18.35-19.05 Overall discussion
19.05 Cava reception in the garden
Friday 31st May 2019
Block 2. Worldwide evolution of HIV incidence Chair: C. F. Perno
9.00- 9.30 How to reduce HIV incidence in the EU Teymur Noori
9.30-10.00 Jump- start ART: is it still relevant in the EU? Jean-Jacques Parienti
10.00–10.30 What have we achieved in Africa so far? So close yet so far away Francois Venter
10.30-11.00 Overall discussion
11.00–11.30 Coffee break
Block 3. Clinical Impact of ART strategies Chair: J. M. Llibre
11.30-12.00 PrEP and STIs – STIs and PrEP Pep Coll
12.00-12.30 NASH: the next liver epidemic in HIV? James Maurice
12.30- 13.00 Overall discussion

Clinical cases discussion

Break-out session in 2 groups

(Including lunch)

Moderators: Jean-Jacques Parienti and J. M. Llibre

Franco Maggiolo

C. F. Perno

Adria Curran

Ignacio Bernardino

14:45- 15:00 Closing remarks J. M. Llibre